Hedge Cutting


Maintaining and tidying hedges is a speciality service supplied by the team at Bowman Arboriculture Ltd. We cut all types of hedges from the coniferous species to the deciduous types. Reducing the height and sides of a hedge will give a uniformed look, and a well-maintained hedge makes for a great boundary and can improve privacy.

Hedges are great for their greenery, the privacy that they provide and can be easier on the eye than old fences and cracked brick walls; regularly maintaining them is very important to ensure they keep their health and shape.

How regularly the hedges need attention is dependent on the species; for example, privet hedge trimming should be carried out during what is known as the “growing season” (May-September), whereas trimming conifer hedges is usually required more often.

Hedge removals, on the other hand, are a task that we are often requested to do all year round; potentially the hedges are being removed to create more space in the garden, planting something else, making way for a driveway or fence to be installed, or have unfortunately died and just need to go.

With all of our hedge cutting works, we will always be conscious of nesting season; we have carried out hedge pruning jobs during nesting season where there is an important need for it but ALWAYS being considerate of any wildlife that may be present.

We understand that the privacy of our clients is important, so for that reason, our saying with trimming hedges is: “take off as much as possible without taking off too much, maintain privacy and keep a nice shape”.

Please feel free to get in touch with us regarding any of our arboriculture services on 0113 281 3895.