Tree Works


Bowman Arboriculture Ltd specialise in all tree works in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.  We have the skill and expertise to remove any size of tree or tree stump at any location. Whether you require the tree removing completely or a reduction of the tree, Bowman Arboriculture Ltd are experts in all tree works.

Pruning is essential for keeping a trees growth under control, regular and correct pruning maintains the health of the tree and increases its recovery rate.

Our team are well practiced in many pruning techniques such as; pollarding, crown lifting, crown thinning and deadwooding.


Pruning also improves the visual appearance of the tree or shrub. A tree may need felling or removing for various reasons for example if it has become hazardous to the safety of your property, neighbouring properties or the public.

Our tree felling or dismantling services offer our customers a range of options when dealing with unwanted, diseased or dangerous trees.

Our team are experienced in felling trees in confined areas and dismantling oppose to felling will be used when extra attention is needed to pay limit to the risk of damages.

Our team are highly experienced in all rope access needs for tree removal or tree reduction.

Please feel free to get in touch with us regarding any of our arboriculture services on 0113 281 3895.